Consumer Instructions
Take this print out to the local ECP of your choice and request a quote for ONLY Xperio UV™ lens technology in your prescription. Xperio UV™ by Essilor is the only technology that will give you the Vicious Vision experience.

Eye Care Professional Instructions
Please call 855-339-5176 to arrange frame order for patient and learn more about the Vicious Vision brand and retail opportunity. We will expedite shipment of the frame to help you provide a Vicious experience for your patient.

Where to Buy

Premium Polarized Sunglasses

Prescription & Non-prescription

If you don't require a prescription, you can purchase our sunglasses from a dealer in your area using the locator below or shop online now.

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Bass Pro

*Available at select stores or online

Found my Rx provider, what's next?

Once you have located your Rx provider, follow the directions below to improve your Vicious Vision Rx purchase experience. Our recommendation is to create your favorite pair online, then click the PRINT THIS PAGE option on the product page. If you have already printed out the page with your favorite pair, then you are ready to visit your chosen provider. If you are ready to build your dream pair of glasses, click below.

Build your vicious RX sunglasses

Can't locate a provider, now what?

If there are no providers in your area, please call us at 855-339-5176 or email [email protected]. We can help you find a provider in your area.