Consumer Instructions
Take this print out to the local ECP of your choice and request a quote for ONLY Xperio UV™ lens technology in your prescription. Xperio UV™ by Essilor is the only technology that will give you the Vicious Vision experience.

Eye Care Professional Instructions
Please call 855-339-5176 to arrange frame order for patient and learn more about the Vicious Vision brand and retail opportunity. We will expedite shipment of the frame to help you provide a Vicious experience for your patient.

About Us

What happens when you combine the world’s best polarized lenses, one of the hottest brands in the outdoors and more than two decades of optometry experience? You Get Vicious.

Dr. Doug Jordan created Vicious Vision® in an effort to create a game-changing line of polarized eyewear. Dr. Jordan has been practicing optometry in Southwest Missouri for more than 20 years and has long been an avid sportsman.

Countless hours on the water and in the woods, has provided Dr. Jordan with unique qualities that set Vicious Vision® apart from all others. He not only understands the human eye, he also knows the demands of today’s outdoorsman and athlete which defined his direction for Vicious Vision® Premium Polarized eyewear as the perfect combination of performance and all-day comfort.

Vicious Vision® Dr. Doug Jordan
Dr. Doug Jordan

Dr. Wes Kemp has been an optometrist for more than 25 years and has practiced in the rural community of Bolivar Missouri. His love for the outdoors (fly fishing, spincast fishing, hunting and cycling) is why he feels so passionate about the ultimate ultraviolet protection, clearest vision and best technology being available to the public through the Vicious Vision platform. Hearing patients' desires and concerns for years in eye health protection has led him to his involvement with Vicious Vision..

Vicious Vision® Dr. Wes Kemp
Dr. Wes Kemp, CFO