Consumer Instructions
Take this print out to the local ECP of your choice and request a quote for ONLY Xperio UV™ lens technology in your prescription. Xperio UV™ by Essilor is the only technology that will give you the Vicious Vision experience.

Eye Care Professional Instructions
Please call 855-339-5176 to arrange frame order for patient and learn more about the Vicious Vision brand and retail opportunity. We will expedite shipment of the frame to help you provide a Vicious experience for your patient.

"The most advanced driving
lens on the planet."
"You won’t believe
what you can see."

Simply See More Than Ever Before

Polarized sunglasses are more than a fashion statement, they're serious tools for a serious job: protecting your eyes and enhancing your view of the experiences you immerse yourself in.

Xperio UV™ 50+ Eye-Sun Protection Factor

Vicious Vision® delivers an experience unlike any other. Powered by Xperio UV™ lenses, these sunglasses offer a 20% increase in contrast sensitivity and elimination of all glare and ghost images. Combine that with unparalleled scratch resistance and double the sun protection of any other polarized lens, and you get the best sunglasses available on the planet. That's why Vicious Vision is truly changing the game of premium polarized vision enhancement.

And about that fashion statement?

Yeah, we've got you covered there too. Four head-turning frame styles with multiple lens colors can be used to create 135 stunning combinations.

Common polarized sunglasses are available just about anywhere. But you can only get Vicious at an authorized dealer. Need a prescription? Nobody knows your custom prescription needs better than your local eyecare professional. They can fit you with your custom prescription Xperio® or Xperio UV™ polarized sun lenses (including single vision, progressive and bifocal lenses).
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  • Offer 20% greater contrast sensitivity compared to competitive lenses. You’ll see more fish and fish-holding structure. Targets will be more visible against common shooting backgrounds. Lines are more evident on the slopes, dangerous glare is eliminated.
  • A state-of-the art, multi-layer surface treatment provides unequaled glare elimination, polarization.
  • The cutting edge hydrophobic process resists dirt, dust, smudges, oil and water like no other.
  • 100% of blinding glare and ghost images are eliminated.
  • Seven times more comfort than standard polarized lenses.
  • An advanced surface hard coat technology provides three times more scratch resistance.